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lotion-almond-zenWild Goose Silk

Every one of our luxurious and all-natural bath and body care products is infused with the healing properties of green tea. You’ll feel terrific using our products.

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tea and food pairing

Tea and Food Pairing

Learn how to cook with tea as an ingredient and relish the delicious adventure of pairing fine teas with a myriad of dishes from around the world. Come in and join us in the Wild Goose kitchen as we experiment, explore and share.

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Van Gogh Blue Iris TeapotGorgeous Teaware

The elegant marriage of art and function. Our Franz Porcelain Teapots – such as the Van Gogh Blue Iris Teapot – are works of art that also happen to be the perfect way to serve tea.

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The Latest From The Tea Life Blog


The Saga of Mama Goose’s Encounter with Cottage Cheese Cookies

I have known myself for a long long long time—-well maybe just a long long time.  I can’t say long in tooth because that applies to horses and I am Goose—-with a capital G you will note.   What do you call an aging goose anyway?   With a chicken you are either a spring chicken or a stewing hen?  […]


Hey Mama Goose – Advice Column Food for Forgiveness

Hey Mama Goose, I have been bush whacked by someone I trusted.    I work for an advertising agency.  My friend, or the person I thought was my friend aka She Who Speaks With Forked Tongue, and I are the only women on an all male team.  Some days we felt like we were defending the Alamo.  We  would […]

sb-52_s.jpg LeSouk Sabrine mugs

Iced Chocolate Chai Coffee & Rounded Bottoms

There’s clue to the title in the coffee cups, but I will admit it’s a scavenger hunt clue.  These LeSouk Ceramique cups,which are handmade in Tunisia, appear to be on the verge of ‘tumbling’ over.   My iced chocolate chai coffee is made in a tumbler.  Okay okay, I will admit it’s lame.  But my website doesn’t  feature […]

Monkey Jungle Fun Teapot

The Woeful Tale of Mama Goose’s Soup

Once upon a time —–well actually once upon a time MULTIPLE times—– I swore I would measure and write down what spices and ingredients I was using, as I was actually executing a new recipe.  Soooooo what part of me doesn’t listen?  Apparently I have a well developed Inner Child who is also a bon vivant.   […]

Van Gogh Poppy cup & saucer & spoon

Making the Moves with a Cocoa Mambo Carrot Cake

 I love chocolate.  I love carrot cake.  I love chocolate carrot cake.  In the safe haven of my kitchen I’m improvising lyrics to the children’s song, Patty Cake.   Snapping my fingers, livening it up with some jazz riffs and a mambo beat.  My inner Julia Childs emerged, so I am indulging in a glass of […]