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Read the Tea Life Blog and follow Mama Goose as she explores food, tea, life, and everything in between! Enjoy recipes, stories, adventures, and of course – tea.

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tea and food pairing

Tea and Food Pairing

Learn how to cook with tea as an ingredient and relish the delicious adventure of pairing fine teas with a myriad of dishes from around the world. Come in and join us in the Wild Goose kitchen as we experiment, explore and share.

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Van Gogh Blue Iris TeapotGorgeous Teaware

The elegant marriage of art and function. Our Franz Porcelain Teapots – such as the Van Gogh Blue Iris Teapot – are works of art that also happen to be the perfect way to serve tea.

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Food For Thought #8

My idea of Christmas, whether old fashion or modern, is very simple: Loving Others. Come to think of it,  Why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?   Bob Hope

santa claus images

Hey Mama Goose—Yes Virginia There Is A Santa And His Name Is Jim

Hey Mama Goose, Guess what? There really is a Santa Claus whose face glows with loving good cheer and whose blue eyes actually twinkle.   So he doesn’t blow his cover, he calls himself Jim, when he is not suited up. Every year I take my two grandchildren to the local department store to get their […]


Food For Thought #7



Cookies Make Fairy Tales Come True

Once upon a time in a busy busy city in a high high building there was a young woman who worked in the secretarial pool of an important—or so they considered themselves—corporation.   Candidates were fished from this pool, when a position opened for executive secretary, administrative assistant or even some management positions. You’ve have heard the […]


Food For Thought #6

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread And coming out with only a loaf of bread Are three billion to one Erma Bombeck