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Read the Tea Life Blog and follow Mama Goose as she explores food, tea, life, and everything in between! Enjoy recipes, stories, adventures, and of course – tea.

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tea and food pairing

Tea and Food Pairing

Learn how to cook with tea as an ingredient and relish the delicious adventure of pairing fine teas with a myriad of dishes from around the world. Come in and join us in the Wild Goose kitchen as we experiment, explore and share.

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Van Gogh Blue Iris TeapotGorgeous Teaware

The elegant marriage of art and function. Our Franz Porcelain Teapots – such as the Van Gogh Blue Iris Teapot – are works of art that also happen to be the perfect way to serve tea.

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The Latest From The Tea Life Blog

GreenChileCheeseBurger2_Web (1)

Wild Goose On The Fly—Jalapenos & Beer The End

Wild Goose On The Fly!  Real?  Imagined?  A Tantalizing Mix of Both? Silence lay over the table like a fog bank, as we all concentrated on our plates. Glancing over at the three cowboys with their furrowed brows,  it looked like they were taking a make or break final exam in Breakfast 101. Unfortunately my […]

sour lemon woman 2

Hey Mama Goose Advice Column–Sour Lemons

Hey Mama Goose, I got fired. Not merely laid off, but down in the dirt fired.  Fired as in, don’t bother to finish the day out.  Get your stuff and go.  Did I deserve it?  You decide.   I work for a woman or I should say I use to work for a woman.  I call […]


Wild Goose On The Fly—Jalapenos & Beer Part 7

Wild Goose on the Fly   Real?  Imagined?  A Tantalizing Mix  of Both? Obviously I was going to have share my table, which seemed to be shrinking  by the second. Rapidly I checked my mental data bases for one labeled Cowboy Small Talk–nothing. Through the window I watched them tying their horses to a hitching post . A […]

dining table on the deck of outdoor swimming pool in beach resort

Wild Goose Mama On The Fly–Do You See The Yacht–Ho Hum

One picture and my imagination ignites and  soars high.  This photograph conjured images of  George Clooney and I  intimately dining at this lovely  private location.   An evening made memorable by his wooing with debonair charm and a modicum of sensual teasers—-his knee brushing my mine, stroking a single finger. Sigh. Obviously when I was a child , I deeply internalized Cinderella as a cultural archetype.  […]

the cowboy hat

Wild Goose on the Fly Jalapeno Peppers & Beer Part 6 Here Come The Cowboys

Wild Goose on The Fly  Real?  Imagined?  Tantalizing Mix? One eye  opened.  The second eye wasn’t ready to greet the day.  The drapes didn’t quite fit the window, so sunshine streamed around the edges. Woo Hoo!  This was D Day, departure day.  My second eye flew open.  Okay time to rise.  I hoped the mechanic was as […]