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tea and food pairing

Tea and Food Pairing

Learn how to cook with tea as an ingredient and relish the delicious adventure of pairing fine teas with a myriad of dishes from around the world. Come in and join us in the Wild Goose kitchen as we experiment, explore and share.

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Van Gogh Blue Iris TeapotGorgeous Teaware

The elegant marriage of art and function. Our Franz Porcelain Teapots – such as the Van Gogh Blue Iris Teapot – are works of art that also happen to be the perfect way to serve tea.

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The Latest From The Tea Life Blog

psycheldic 2

Wild Goose On The Fly–Jalapeno Peppers & Beer Part 5

Wild Goose on the Fly  Real? Imagined?  Tantalizing Mix? Involuntarily my breath whistled out in a splurge of relief.  After I had begun eating this eerie woman’s meal and realized she wasn’t eating too, I  was reminded of my first jump off the high diving board, when I was twelve.   Two seconds into the plunge I changed […]

Gypsy woman 1

Wild Goose on the Fly Jalapeno Pepper & Beer Part 4

Wild Goose on the Fly  Real?  Imagined?  A tantalizing mix?  With a push from my shoulder the door popped opened.   As expected the room smelled old, really old, make that really really old.   Brown water marks stained the ceiling.  Patterns of  unidentified discolorations splotched the carpet.  I made a mental note  to always wear  my slippers.  However there was […]

Gypsy Caravan

Wild Goose On The Fly—Jalapeno Peppers & Beer Part 3

Wild Goose on the Fly—Real? Imagined?  A Tantalizing Mix? With a flourish I signed my first ever bar tab and handed it  to the bartender who was absent mindedly stroking his mustache. In farewell I winked at the neon cowgirl and slid off my barstool intending to head straight for the door.  But for some reason I  […]

11042023.jpg nachos

Wild Goose on Fly–Jalapeno Peppers & Beer Part 2

Flash frozen on my bar stool I couldn’t hear a sound.  My ears were vibrating like a tuning fork.   Just as I was preparing to crawl under the nearest table, the bartender slammed a bat on the bar. “Goll dang it Floyd!  You are such a friggin’ nuisance.  Gimme that stupid gun.” Meekly Friar Tuck handed over […]

beer sign

Wild Goose on the Fly—Jalapeno Peppers & Beer

Wild Goose on the Fly—sometimes true to reality—sometimes true to Mama Goose’s imagination—sometimes a compilation of reality & imagination. I rolled into Silver Trail Montana one hot morning with my car making one of those funny repetitive noises you don’t want hear, especially when the miles were rolling by without even glimpsing a distant farm house.  The main street […]